Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why Guru didnt work for me !

Guru has been receiving rave reviews with critics and audiences claiming its the best movie in ages , Abhishek's wonderful performance etc . I don't think the movie is terrible by any stretch but falls short being good as well , forget the great movie people claim it to be .

The things i like about the movie :

Performances of the leading characters are good . Clearly Abhishek's best performance till date. Aishwarya is not as irritating as she can be . There is actually a lot of chemistry between the two . Mithunda reminds us that he is a two time national award winner and is clearly the best part of the movie. Maddy has lost weight and delivers sincerely . The relationships between Abhishek and his dad , brother-in law and Mithun leave a lasting effect .

Despite all of this the movie disappoints primarily cause i expect a lot more from Maniratnam . Here are a few reasons why :

The predictability of the screenplay
Everyone knows its a bio pic of Dhirubhai Ambani , still it doesn't need to be so predictable . The biggest disappointment was that there was no evolution in the the protagonist as he grows from being a common villager to India's biggest industrialist . Abhishek didn't age at all , physically or otherwise ! Obviously one was no expecting the mastery of Nayagan here , but atleast he had potential to get some where close to that.

There was no insight, revelation or the plotting that made Guru the man he was . Lots of instances in the movie is happenstance . Guru bumping into Mithun on the road , winning the contracts , deciding to make polyester or even meeting Aishwarya for the first time.

Glorification of Guru

The end glorifies Guru as the messiah , as the best gift to mankind and the masses . While the film maker has every right to express his opinion on the protagonist , the glorification clearly plays to the galleries and all those who had confronted him for a right reason are totally forgotten ! ( the BIL, Maddy , Mithun etc )

The relationship with Mithun
The movie hinges on the relationship between Mithun and Abhishek . Some of the best moments in the movie are their scenes together . It so wonderfully set up leading to the interval and subsequent scenes of Abhishek's aides trying to bash up Mithun and the Aishwarya visiting Mithun at his house , leading you to hope that this is heading somewhere ! But alas, the movie ends with an elaborate court drama and Mithun who his is father figure is conveniently forgotten and sidelined .

Vidya Balan & Maddy track
It had absolutely no relevance to the movie . Why was Vidya Balan a handicapped person , what does she really think about Guru ? Her elaborate death scene had no connection with the plot .

Music :
ARR and Mani have always created magic . Here barring Tere Bina and Jaage raho , the rest of the songs are just plain ordinary . Both Maiya Maiya and Ek lo Ek Muft would feature in the bottom 10 songs of ARR of all time . Even the background music is pedestrian.

Overall , Guru is not a bad movie , but I was just disappointed that it didn't deliver what it promised .

Just check out this interview with Mukesh , which talks about how Reliance was built . Will give you lot more insights than the movie did !