Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shaurya (2008)

Ok, we all love Few Good Men. I presume so does the director Samar Khan. So what does he do , presents an " original " Bollywood with a watered down plot , melodrama , a love angle which no one ( including the characters ) is even remotely interested in , a clich├ęd Hindu- Muslim communal issue at the crux , songs at the most inappropriate moment and a over simplified look at war crimes. So much for Samar's Khan " Shaurya ".

Despite all this thankfully the movie is saved to an extent by the performances and dialogues. Kay Kay is no Jack, but still holds his own. His scene tutoring Rahul Bose on nuances and finer aspects of single malt to the rum & coke generation is one such instance. Javed Jaffery in a role sans any slapstick comedy is refreshing to see. Deepak Dobriyal as the accused delivers a silent yet powerful performance and thankfully never does the full throated cry of injustice. Amrita Rao is cast in an interesting cameo and mouths one of more memorable dialogues of the movie where she rues the fact that now her husband is dead, she can’t even legally separate from him. Rahul Bose is no Tom Cruise, but considering my expectations of him are very low, he does pass muster. Minisha Lamba as the screeching over the top journalist sticks out as a sore thumb.

Watch a-re run of Few Good Men any day; else watch an abridged, fast forwarded version of Shaurya on DVD.


Interval said...

Shaurya is a great movie, but U me aur Hum is an amazing movie and needs to be watched twice to fully appreciate. Ajay Devgan has done a great job directing this one.

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