Monday, June 02, 2008

21 (2008)

A "real" life story of the 6 MITians who along with their professor outwit the casinos of Vegas in the 90's, by counting cards and improving the odds of beating the dealer in Blackjack. Spacey is effective as the mocking, shrewd leader of the pack, Jim Sturgess is charming as the poor Boston kid who needs the monies desperately to get into Harvard Med and an attractive Kate Bosworth makes up the love angle .

The movie got me to google and wiki on blackjack & counting cards, but it stopped way short of dealing a winning hand. The movie skims across the card playing to a great extent, and what these kids did different with the card counting. The second half seems too contrived. Jim Sturgess's character crosses over to the other side, realizes his folly, Spacey is conveniently made a "villain" and a long pending score is settled.

The moral of the story is sung over the final credits by the Rolling Stones - 'You can't always get what you want' & you feel exactly the same about the movie too.

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