Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sarkar Raj ( 2008)

Let me set the context right. My previous Hindi movie was Tashan, I was one of the few really unfortunate ones who endured RGV Ki Aag on day 1 and thought Sarkar was highly overrated. So obviously I walked into Sarkar Raj with low expectations.

The film like the first part is swamped in sepia tones, odd camera angles, and a loud background score. Every character spouts ‘profound’ lines like: “You cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg" and some not so profound ones about the thin line of difference between betrayal and misplaced loyalty.

The movie despite all this worked for me. The script was brave enough to keep the unpredictability factor high, the coming together of the jigsaw puzzle and the individual motivations of the characters made it an interesting watch. With extreme close ups dominating the frames, the performances had to match them. The A family or is it the B family is competent with the father proving again that he is the bigger B.

And finally RGV. Post his obituary being virtually written all over town , he is back delivering what he knows best and while the reviews have not been unanimously favorable again , the initial box office trends show that he has a hit on his hands .Watch out for Contract & Phoonk . The RGV factory has started churning again.

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