Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Box Office Verdict -2008

Quick Compilation of the top box office hits and misses for the year . These are based on actual figures available based on realized collections . Though Race is leading the chart now , Jane Tu is slated to overtake race as the current figure is based on the first two weeks collections only . Please note that these figures again are only box office collections in India , the positions may slightly vary if we take into account overseas collections as well.

Another point to note is that classifications is based on ROI , and hence a movie like Tashan or Sarkar raj may have grossed over 30 crores but still are flops since their budgets were so high . Meanwhile Jannat is considered the biggest success story of the year since its budget was only 10 crores , compared to Race at 35 crores budget and Jodha Akbar at a budget closer to 50 crores.

Super Hits <
Race 64 crores
Jodha Akbar 63 crores
Jannat 33 crores

Mithya 6 crores
Krazzy 4 24 crores
One Two Three 18 crores

Below Average
Sunday 22 crores
Khuda Ke liye 3 crores
U me aur hum 24 crores
Bhootnath 26 crores
Aamir 3 crores
Mere Baap 23 crores

Thoda Pyar 23 crores
Sarkar Raj 34 crores
Tashan 32 crores
Halla Bol 16 crores
Shaurya 3 crores

Love story 2050
Summer 2007
Woodstock Villa
My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

Whats interesting to note is that all the disastrous movies have new heroes , with skander Kher having 2 movies to his credit . Imran Khan & to a lesser extent rajeev Khandelwal have had decent debuts.

UTV movies is having a dream year with Race , Jodha Akbar and now jane Tu . Yash Raj is again off to a bad start with Tashan and TPTM.

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